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What is a CPM Schedule


Taking Project Management to the Next Level! Being a successful project manager requires one to be efficient, effective and goal oriented! Critical planning, organizing, time management and efficient designation of tasks are all factors that contribute towards efficient project management. Using scheduling techniques, is another extremely important aspect of managing a project successfully. The Critical Path Method schedule, or CPM …

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Development with CPM and PERT


REVIEW OF CPM AND PERT Critical Path Method (CPM) and the Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) are the two popular time management tools, used by managers to coordinate their projects. Both are used for designing the project network and show a logical sequence of activities incomplete or in progress. The CPM highlights the project duration whereas PERT is a …

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Estimating Resources and Activities in a CPM Project

estimating resources

The Critical Path Method is a powerful tool for project management. It is employed in projects containing interdependent activities and used for scheduling their activities. It highlights the critical path, provides a clue to the completion date and controls the overall project expenses. Projects of a big organization are always multidimensional and multitasked. They take many activities and resources to …

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CPM Schedule and Project Milestones


IGNORING MILESTONES, INDUCING DELAY You’re a project manager and you’ve been entrusted with an ambitious business project by the organization. The project has fixed milestones, a close deadline and a strictly limited budget. Under your coordination, every task of the project is running smoothly. The budget is under control. Milestone after milestones are achieved. Customers are satisfied. Project sponsor is pleased. Suddenly, everything goes awry. …

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Impact of Changes in CPM Schedule

Time is the most valuable commodity for us today. Everything, including our life, is time-bound. It is the only thing in our life that we can’t spend leisurely. Nor can we wait for the things to happen. We have to force the pace and get things done. It’s true even in case of professional projects where we toil from early …

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