Project Management Techniques

Five Project Management Techniques

Project management isn’t an easy task and it would be misleading if someone tells you that it is. The processes involved in a project are of various nature and too many to be memorized by a person. You are also required to complete a certain preliminaries and prerequisites before you can even start with a project.

Once you have planned for a project and set some rules for executing your plans, you have to be extra careful in ensuring that your set rules are followed in all possible ways. If your plans are awry and eccentric, it would directly affect the progress of your project and regardless of whether you are working on a small or large project. The results wouldn’t be very happy and welcoming.

Using the techniques mentioned below could greatly help you in planning your project and executing it without too much hassle:

1. CPM Scheduling

project-management-techniques-cpm-schedulingWork with the CPM scheduling, because this alone could do wonders in your project. Critical path scheduling allows you to identify all the activities that will be running within the project for as long as it continues.

Once you have identified these activities, you will know all the constituents of all the tasks and along with the dependencies of processes. All of this information could be plotted on charts and updated with time.

2. Use PERT

There is another technique named as PERT in which you are reviewing and analyzing the tasks in your project. In critical path method, you have to find the path which is most critical for the project to have it completed within the given time.

On the other hand, with PERT you are more focused on the tasks than activities. If you are working with tight timelines and deadlines, the PERT is the best tool for you.

3. 4D Modeling

4D modeling is the latest of all techniques and probably the most proficient one, because it represents the project in a 3D model. It also adds the time or schedule factors into the model to have it in 4D. Through this method you have a constant understanding with the progress of your task with the help of a 3 dimensional pictorial representation.

Furthermore, the addition of CPM scheduling in this illustration makes it even more effective, because you can identify the most critical and least critical points in a project at any given time without too much effort.

4. Communication

project-management-techniques-communicationsProper and unimpeded communication between the departments is another essential part of the project management. There are modern applications that you can use to have all the departments communicate with each other.

You can even share calendars and activities of different people involved in a task, so everyone works in accordance of their calendar. This creates a sense of responsibility for all the contributors of the project and they work faster to achieve their goals.

5. Task Assignment

Always work as if the task given to you was required to be completed urgently. This will keep you proactive and working to make things possible in the quickest ways. This ensures that your project isn’t delayed because of your lethargy.

Project Management Techniques Summary

There are many types of software or applications in the market available now for project managers to use. Always remember to plan on every phase of the project, because you will need to knit that network constantly for the life of it. Always have a plan B and alternatives available for points, if ever your primary plan isn’t working.

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