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Technology For Effective Project Management


Technology should be used for Effective Project Management. It is essential for a successful completion to your project. Modern technology is inevitable for any company, because it is now involved in everything we do. From basic chores done at home to the most complex works done in technological companies, everything needs technology for their daily tasks to function. Think of …

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Project Dimensions


Project Management is composite in many aspects, as the dimensions to be addressed are many. The key concepts underlying the management process have to be comprehended in an efficient way so as to attain goals under set deadlines. Certainly, important attributes have to be focalized where envisioning timeliness and resource allocation manages only some of them. May the project be …

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Phases of Project Management


Project Management exercised and executed by experienced managers is espoused in a distinct way conforming to fundamental phases and processes in order to deliver the product into the client hands. Every Standard of Management guides the delivery heads to follow approaches that lay emphasis in the project being completed in phases. The need of these project phases arises because once …

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Project Charter


Amongst the huge array of Project Management Tools, the Project Charter is one document that holds a special niche for itself. It is the primary tool for paving the pathway of the whole project. The Project Charter, also termed as the Project Initiation Document (PID), Project Definition and Project Overview Statement (POS), gives a detailed affidavit of the scope, goals …

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Project Management Certification


The Project Management institute (PMI) offers numerous certifications to hallmark the efforts of project managers. A professional can commence his / her excursion for certified Project Management courses starting with a generic PMI certifications and can expedite to advanced, applied and international certifications. Project Management certifications are affiliated with the guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) – …

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