Project Management

Project Manager – What do they do

What Does a Project Manager Do?

Project management is a job that involves coordinating between a team of employees, streamlining their efforts towards a common target within a specified time limit. The job of a project manager is to lead and synchronize the work of a group of professionals, judiciously allocating resources so that the target is met within the deadline.

Information technology (IT), engineering and construction, healthcare and many more industries require the services of project managers, as these industries require perfect harmony between the individual efforts of their in order to achieve their common goal. Efficient leadership and good communication skills are some important qualities that one must possess in order to become a project manager.

Responsibilities of a Project Manager

  • The project manager description entails the responsibility of developing the concept for the project, which includes an assessment of the various benefits that the project might bring to the company.
  • It is his/her job to assemble a team which he/she considers competent for the execution of the project.
  • At the beginning of a project, he/she should outline the scope of the project and schedule a deadline in accordance with the other stakeholders.
  • He/She must also thoroughly plan the entire project, divide responsibilities among team members, and allocate company resources accordingly to each member.
  • He/She should constantly monitor the progress of each and every team member, ensuring adherence to deadlines, while keeping a track of the resources employed and the targets achieved.
  • He/She needs to coordinate between various team members and provide leadership to the entire team, coaching and mentoring the other members, if necessary.
  • He/She must communicate with the other stakeholders, keeping them informed about the day-to-day progress of the project.
  • At the end of the project, he/she must carry out the handover process, by which the project is either transferred to another team, or the output is presented to the stakeholders.

Project Management Objectives

There are 3 major project management objectives:

  1. Function
    One of the most important project management objectives is to ensure that the project fulfils the function for which it was designed. If a project is unable to serve its purpose, it is considered a failure. Thus, project managers must always keep a track of the progress of the team, so that their efforts collectively contribute to a single achievement.
  2. Cost
    The expected deliverables from a project manager involve closely watching the budget as well. When the budget is not adhered to in a project, the cost-benefit analysis returns a negative result, not acceptable as a project management output. Going beyond the stipulated budget may lead to untimely termination of the project due to lack of funds, while going under it may adversely affect the quality of the outcome.
  3. Timing
    The project manager description entails the goal to prevent delays, since the project may fail to serve its purpose beyond the deadline. Inability to adhere to the deadline may add a financial burden on the company.

In order to become a project manager, one must possess a specific set of skills that facilitate efficient management of company resources, human resources, funds and intellectual property.

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