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If we say that Online Project Management tools are a project manager’s best friend, the fact is easily tenable. The entire process of project management has been condensed to just sitting in front of a computer with internet connection switched on. The management of the team, schedule, and deliverables are only the tip of the iceberg. Online Project Management is the key to economize both time and money.

project-management-planning-softwareProject management planning software with online project management planning encompasses all the activities like timeline scheduling, resource management and optimization, decision making, profit forecasts and many more. Accurate event stimulation is also a possibility. The most alluring facet of keeping it “online” is that the project manager can get real time updates of the data and this in turn helps him / her to manage the emergency bumps efficiently and intelligently. Prioritizing the tasks is easier with the knowledge of the progress made with each of these tasks. Scalable RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) technology for data management supervises the amount of data garnered online. This succeeds in maintaining the authorization constraints and access control for sensitive data. What data is visible to what employee and how this data is to be presented is an inherent feature for RDBMS technology.

When hunting down an efficient project management planning software, the project manager is looking for a way to disencumber the weight on his / her shoulders and still keep a firmer hand on the project planning proceedings. Therefore, the tools for Online Project Management planning emphasize on having a user friendly interface without compromising the speed and proficiency that is required of them.

Planning of the project is not attainable without an arduous discussion amongst the clients, stakeholders and the concerned employees. This calls for a technology more neoteric and conducive than your average email technology. And so the new planning software options usually employ in-house communication models to contain the communication congestion.

A typical project planning management software will include features to create the project plans and also for tracking the progress. Gantt charts are a favorite when it comes to graphically projecting the proposed plan. It showcases the task duration’s, the progress, the priorities and their dependencies in a complaisant manner.

A hierarchy of task assignments and responsibilities are structured without any hassle. All these features along with some report generating tools aid the organization with budget, schedule and status reports. ANSI / IEEE 1058 standard for software project plans is to be conformed with when authoring the project plan. It provides a baseline for the articles to be addressed in the plan. Most software tools adhere to this baseline and then tailor it according to the needs of the organization.

Any fully functional planning software will let the employees work as individuals while maintaining a global view of the project in its entirety. It saves the manager’s precious time and lets him / her focus on more productive works. The applicability of such Online Project Management tools can augment the delivery rate and client repletion to the maximum.

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