Project Management

Project Management Key Documents

Project Management

In Project Management, one of the major responsibilities of the project manager is to keep proper documentation for the project and to keep the documents up to date. At any point in time during the life of the project, these documents can be really useful consulting about the various aspects related to the project.

When it comes to managing the project effectively, there are certain documentation standards that the manager should adhere with. So, for a manager to know which documents these are and then keeping them and maintaining standards for these holds a lot of significance. Here are some project management key documents.

Business Case

When it comes to project management, it could either be a firm dong it for a customer or client, or it can be two a department in an organization doing the project for another department. In either case, there is a document known as the Business Case.

This is basically a contract between the client and the entity handling the project management. This is the contract that takes place between the two parties for the offering of services, which in this case in the project management expertise.

In the business case, the resources committed to a project along with the cost and schedule are specified and the agreement is shown that both parties have agreed on those aspects of the project. Considering that the business case is actually an agreement or contract, it signifies that the project has been approved for commencement.

Project Plan

Another one of the documents necessary for effective management of the project is the Project Plan. The project plan basically also needs the business case document because this plan builds on the business case for the project. While the business case offers only preliminary information about the project, the Project plan offers a lot more information regarding the planning.

The project plan specifies n detail the resources allocated to the project along with the objectives of the project and the project schedule, created through Critical Path Method and CPM Scheduling techniques in various Project Management Software.

The project plan is also proof that the project manager and the client have agreed to work with the given resources, whether it is the time or the budget. In order to create the plan and determining the criticality of tasks in the project along with setting the priorities, CPM Scheduling Software and CPM Software are used for the purpose of optimal Project Scheduling.

Project Charter

The Project Charter, which is important for the definition of the basic problem that the project is solving and the mission along with the objectives for the project, is another of the key documents for Project Management.

Requirements Definition

One of project management key documents is also the Requirements Definition document in which the requirement specifications are mentioned and they are used for updating the plan and schedule of the project.

This document basically aligns the information that has been given in the business case and that which is in the project plan. In case there are any discrepancies in the projections for cost and resources between the two documents, the requirements are reviewed to establish a clear scope.

This is one of the documents that are highly critical in the effective management of projects. After the requirements of the project have been reviewed and clearly defined, they are approved and then work can start on the project.In order to meet the standards related to the design specification, the design specification documents are considered important, as they establish cohesion among team members regarding the project specifications.

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