Microsoft Project 2019

With the automation in Project Management methods and techniques, their usability has become easier and is now more convenient. In addition, project plans and schedules can also be made easily automatically instead of having to put down every detail manually.

Microsoft Project

One of the most popular of Project Management Software that is also the most widely used is Microsoft Project. This is the ultimate software that can help the project managers in managing one or more projects with a lot of ease.

Through the latest version of this software, Project Management 2019, the project managers also get tools for better team collaboration. Whether you are managing one project or a portfolio of projects, the new Microsoft Project 2019 makes it easy for you to do so without any clashes and conflicts occurring in the project or the team.

One of the most significant factors that is a feature of Microsoft Project 2019 is that it has the easy usability of the Microsoft Interface, so it will not take you a lot of time to get the hang of it.

For those individuals who have been using MS Excel for CPM Scheduling and applying Critical Path Method or making Gantt Charts and are familiar with its workings, will have no difficulty in using Project Management 2019 because of its interface being like MS Excel.

The copy and paste features in the software are enhanced so that you can easily transfer data from other MS applications to Microsoft Project 2019. This saves you from having to type in all the data and you can simply import sheets from Excel or copy data from other applications.

The timeline view in Microsoft Project 2019 is very enhanced and distinguished and it also offers user-controlled scheduling. This means that there is more flexibility in the scheduling process. If there are any potential problems in the schedule, they are underlined by the software so that you can pay attention to them and resolve those problems.

The team planner is one of the features that you will not find in all of the CPM Software and CPM Scheduling Software. With this highly useful feature, the manager is able to view all of the resources as well as assignments to different members in a view that is highly intuitive and simple.

With this software, planning and optimizing the resources of the entire team is very easy and all you need to do is drag and drop the tasks where you want them. Through the software, you can make sure that none of the tasks or assignments remain unassigned. This is possible through the feature that allows you to identify the unscheduled tasks.

The 2019 version of Microsoft Project comes with many new features, which have given this software an edge over the other Project Management Software and other CPM Scheduling Software. One of the most important and prominent of these features is the Ribbon, which increases the visibility of many features by making them graphically visible and also offering contextual information.

The Timeline area is also a new feature in the software and allows you to view all the key phases of the project and also identify the milestones of the project. You can now manually select the tasks. Another of the new features is the useful team planner.

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