Critical Path Analysis and PERT

Critical Path Analysis

Planning and Scheduling Projects

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that completion of a project majorly depends on planning and scheduling of the project. However, the right technique needs to be applied in order to complete the project successfully. Thankfully, the “Critical Path Method” (CPM) and “Program Evaluation and Review Technique” (PERT) have already been introduced to help a project manager in scheduling a project efficiently and diligently.

For any project to be scheduled you need to have knowledge of all the tasks that will be involved in the project and for that you need close analysis of all activities. Critical path analysis plays a bigger role in scheduling the project as compared to PERT which is a simple scheduling of the project but doesn’t tell you about the critical path.

Critical Path Analysis And PERT Charts

There are different ways that Critical Path Analysis and PERT play an important role in scheduling the projects and some are given below:

Critical Path Analysis

There are several other benefits of using the PERT and CPM analysis but it always requires a sensible and efficient project manager to take advantage of these amazing techniques. Of course, many projects are too complex to be handled by these techniques but you can always manage some part of the project with the help of these techniques to make things easier for you.

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