Pros and Cons of Using a Critical Path Method

Even the best of techniques being used in industries and businesses today have their benefits and cons. However, most of the times, the disadvantages are not affecting the actual outcome of a project but are rather the limitations of the techniques. It would be wrong to say that these techniques have disadvantages only because you couldn’t manage a project with the help of them. Of course, if you have not been working on the activities proactively, even the best professionals wouldn’t be able to help: this is just technique. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the critical path method:

It wouldn’t be right to say that these techniques are successful every time: there are always exceptions and the managers who actually perfect the use of these techniques benefit more from them than others.

Advantages Of the Critical Path Method

Disadvantages of the Critical Path Method

Though the technique has more benefits and more industrialists are benefiting from them, you can’t say it doesn’t have any disadvantages.

Once again, it can be safely said that disadvantages of the technique are more like limitations but with modern technology, you can carry the charts with you in your smart phones and tablets so even the disadvantages have been taken care of.

More information on what the Critical Path Method is can be found here!

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