CPM Scheduling Basics

CPM Scheduling Basics – Critical path method can be defined as an algorithm, which is used to organize project activities. With the help of the critical path method, we can recognize the longest stretch of activities and total time required to complete a project.

It helps understand information about which activities are critical for their effect and what is the best way to schedule all the activities to provide their service before the deadline at a minimum cost.

Construction of a building, installing and debugging computer system, missile countdown process, engineering and research design projects are few examples of projects where critical path method can be used.

A project must have certain key attributes for analysis with Critical Path Method:

  1. The project should contain a properly organized list of activities.
  2. Total time required and work efficiency should be determined properly.
  3. These activities must be arranged in proper order so that they can perform in a workflow sequence.

CPM Scheduling Basics – How does it work?

Advantages of Critical Path Method

Disadvantages of Critical Path Method

Critical Path Method helps identify the essential necessities  and dependencies of a project. It is a commonly used project management methodology for optimizing processes at the enterprise level.

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