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CPM Schedule in Construction

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CPM Schedule in Construction and Project Management

Being a successful project manager requires one to be efficient, effective and goal oriented! Critical planning, organizing, time management and efficient designation of tasks are all factors that contribute towards efficient project management.

Using scheduling techniques is another extremely important aspect of managing a project successfully. Critical Path Method schedule, or CPM Schedule is one such powerful scheduling technique that is widely used and implemented. It helps in the on-time delivery of projects along with achieving the desired project goals.

What is CPM Schedule in Construction?

CPM Schedule Construction – When we take up a project it encompasses a number of tasks and activities, as specified in the contract pertaining to the project. Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule includes all these expected activities from the vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and every other person or entity involved with the project.

cpm-schedule-in-constructionThe CPM schedule gives a graphical representation of the project and helps calculate all the resources and the expected time that will be required for the completion of the project. It lays special emphasis on the necessary activities that require extra attention and due work.

In a nutshell, the Critical Path Method Schedule is a network of events, with each activity that needs to be done included within the network. The steps to completing the CPM schedule in construction are:

  • Identify the various activities that need to be performed
  • Plan the sequence in which the activities must be completed
  • Create a network of the activities
  • Determine the expected time for completion of each activity
  • Identify the critical path for completion

How to Identify the Critical Path?

Any activity in the path affects the other activities too. Any delay to any activity will lead to a delay to the other activities too.

The CPM schedule is a highly effective tool that can help in completion of projects without any delays or discrepancy to the proposed plan of project completion. It is a very useful project management technique that can help you achieve better results and higher success rate for all your projects. It leaves no scope for missing out on essential activities or spending more than required time on a particular activity.

CPM Schedule in Construction

The CPM schedule is highly popular for the effectiveness and efficiency it brings in to project management and consequent completion. The Critical Path Method schedule has proven to improve the rate of project completion success while also bringing in a step by step ease and convenience for completion.

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