Construction Projects

Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling

Construction Projects

In Project Management, there is a lot of importance of Critical Path Method, which is highly useful in determination of the completion time of a project based on the Project inter-dependencies. In the projects that take place in the real world, the CPM Scheduling is widely used for the planning purposes. It is not just the planning and scheduling in which CPM is widely used, but it is also very useful for the monitoring of the various phases of the project. One of the practical areas in which there is a lot of usage of CPM Scheduling is in construction projects.

construction project with cpm scheduling

It has been decades since the construction industry has been using the CPM techniques for coming up with optimal construction schedules and have been able to complete projects optimally in the assigned time according to the plan.

Just like any other project, the schedule of the project is the foundation in construction projects as well. In construction projects, you can make use of CPM Scheduling Software for the purpose of coming up with the perfect construction schedule.

Considering the nature and extent of the project, it gets really complex with thousands of activities and further tasks included in them. This is where the Project Management and scheduling tools like the Critical Path Method and Gantt Charts can be highly useful.

From the planning phase to the evaluation of the progress of the project, the importance of CPM is immense. Other than giving insight into the individual activities, the CPM technique can tell the project manager about the progress and actual work carried out on the entire project.

While it might seem like just a simple bar chart, a CPM schedule is much more than that for a project manager. For a construction project, this schedule is the entire guideline that leads the project manager in carrying out each and every step and activity of the construction project. Considering the level of complexity of construction projects, CPM Software and various kinds of Project Management Software are used for the purpose of making the CPM and then making adjustments till it becomes optimal and perfect.

In construction projects, it is important for the project managers to work in conjunction with the contractors of the project and any other people associated with the planning of the project, so that none of the details and activities are missed out on.

When it comes to a good CPM schedule for any construction project, there are certain details and components of the project that are necessary to be covered by this schedule. First and foremost are the number of activities in the project and the interrelationship that exists between these activities.

After the interrelationships have between the tasks of the construction project, the next step is to determine the sequence for the construction project’s tasks to know the critical activities. In case of construction projects, one of the most important activities are those related to the procurement of the materials for carrying out the construction project. The CPM Scheduling Software will identify the Procurement as the most important task because all the construction is dependent on the procurement of the materials.

In construction projects, the CPM schedule should also include the off-site and on-site activities. In addition, the relationship between every activity and the completion of the project is important to be determined.

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