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Critical Chain Project Management

Critical Chain Project Management and Critical Path Method

critical-chain-project-managementCritical Chain Project Management or CCPM – different techniques have been used for decades to work on the projects faster, make them more efficient and productive by spending the least amount of energy and time.

When you are given a project you are provided with a deadline too and meeting the deadline is of primary importance in completing the project.

Furthermore, you also have to take care of the high quality of work which is only attainable when you are making the proper use of your resource. There are different techniques that emphasize on different aspects of a project and today you will be reading about two of the most commonly used techniques.

Depending on the nature of the project and its requirements, you can make use of different techniques but deploying multiple techniques in a project has always been more productive. You want to make sure that all aspects of your project are covered and without compromising on the quality of work, you are able to reach the goals you had set when starting the project.

Two commonly used techniques in project management are the critical chain project management and critical path method. When searching for project management you will hear and read these terms a lot and it is better to know about both the techniques for a successful project completion.

Critical Path Method

When you talk about critical path method you are more focused on the activities that are affecting your project so you are more focused on keeping a track of these activities than resources.

So when you are working on a critical path method you will be identifying all the activities that are playing the most critical role in making a project faster or slower. If there are any activities slowing down the entire process, you will have to work within your resources to make them faster. You could also encounter problems related to interdependent activities so removing or improvising on one of the activities will not only speed up the other activities but the entire project.

You draw a critical path within the project and know what activities need your attention on priority basis and thus you have to work on these activities more diligently than others. The great thing about this method is that you get to know about the dependencies involved in making your project faster.

While working on an individual task is efficient enough but an activity that has other activities dependent on it could ruin everything for you at the end if not given proper attention on the right time.

Critical Chain Project Management

This is probably the newest of the techniques that you will find for project management on the internet. It takes a different approach in giving you an idea of the resources in your project.

When you have a clear understanding of the resources that you have deployed on a task, you should also have the knowledge of exploiting these resources in different ways and in other tasks.

While working with the critical chain project management, your main focus is to make sure that every activity and task is getting enough resources to end it in time. You don’t want to have fewer resources to manage an activity or task that has many other tasks dependent on it: this will definitely make your project delay.

Since this method/technique was devised in 1997 you can expect it to give you a better knowledge of your project. No surprise that it has also been known to produce results for projects far better than other techniques have produced in the past.

According to the reports and studies, up to a fifty percent expenditure could be saved in a project by using this technique as compared to other techniques that have an entirely different area to cover.

Regardless of what technique you apply in your project, they produce some great results. They can help you attain higher success rates depending on the quality of the work and timeline.

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