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Technology For Effective Project Management


Technology should be used for Effective Project Management. It is essential for a successful completion to your project. Modern technology is inevitable for any company, because it is now involved in everything we do. From basic chores done at home to the most complex works done in technological companies, everything needs technology for their daily tasks to function. Think of …

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What is a CPM Schedule


Taking Project Management to the Next Level! Being a successful project manager requires one to be efficient, effective and goal oriented! Critical planning, organizing, time management and efficient designation of tasks are all factors that contribute towards efficient project management. Using scheduling techniques, is another extremely important aspect of managing a project successfully. The Critical Path Method schedule, or CPM …

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Brilliant Project Management


Whether you are organising an important event or heading up a large team, running a project can be a daunting process. Spiralling costs and missed deadlines are part of everyday life for many project managers – in fact, more projects fail than succeed! But project management doesn’t have to be this way.  It is possible to manage projects that consistently meet …

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