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Critical Path Method

Critical Path Identification


Our success is always counted on the probable list of accolades such as how well we deliver, how well we achieve the project goal and how quickly we deliver in limited budget. In this highly competitive corporate world, our work becomes the trumpet of our talent, if we are smart enough, that is. And to become smarter, we need to …

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CPM Tasks


The Critical Path Method (CPM) is a handy technique to monitor an ongoing project. It involves various tasks and activities in a human network with proper scheduling in the form of graphical chart. The tasks involve work activities. Most often than not, these are dependent upon each other to start or complete by the prescribed date. According to the University …

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Analyzing Time within a CPM Schedule

Our life is full of projects, albeit personal. We all are conscious of time and schedules of these projects. It’s difficult to execute anything important without a plan and schedule. Therefore, we always pre-plan and execute the tasks. We make a list, prioritize items, attempt to stick to the time frame, and try to work as per the schedule. On …

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CPM Schedule and Project Analysis

The Critical Path Method, or CPM, is the analysis of a project schedule to determine which tasks are on the critical path, and which are out of it. It is a means of determining important steps to ensure timely completion of the project. Successful completion on time is the result of identifying correct critical path. Therefore, the quality of the critical path …

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